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Gongfu cha brewing workshop

Gongfu cha brewing workshop

Mastery of the traditional Chinese style of tea brewing. Aiming for perfection and the best possible brews.

Small group of 4 people.

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Gongfu cha brewing workshop

Gongfu cha brewing workshop is a journey towards the pinnacle of tea brewing perfection. Rooted in the Chinese Gong Fu Cha tradition, this workshop is an immersive exploration of precision, patience, and dedication. Participants will learn the art of brewing tea with meticulous attention to detail, from the precise measurements of tea leaves to the controlled water temperature and the intricacies of teapot handling. The goal is nothing less than achieving tea brewing excellence, where each infusion reveals layers of flavor, aroma, and nuance.

Join us on this path towards Gong Fu Mastery, where every cup is a step closer to the perfection of the tea experience.


  • The essence of Gong Fu
  • The attributes of Gong Fu
  • The principles of Gong Fu
  • Tea leaves for Gong Fu
  • Preparation of the teaware
  • Loading the pot
  • Pouring the water
  • Brewing the tea
  • Filling the cups
  • Drinking Gong Fu


The workshop continues for about 2 hours. If you have your own Gaiwan, you can bring it, or get a ticket with Gaiwan that you'll take home for your personal use (and other workshops in the future ;)


Du'sha studio
Trimfias, 12
Tala, Paphos 

Google map coordinates
34.832156, 32.434718

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