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July 27 | Tea & kombucha tasting

July 27 | Tea & kombucha tasting

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Date & Time
Saturday, July 27
14:00 / 18:00 


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Tea & Kombucha Tasting

tea & dessert tasting


We are excited to invite you to a delightful and educational event that celebrates the rich world of teas and the vibrant culture of kombucha.
On this refreshing evening, we will be tasting the pure flavors of traditional Chinese teas along with their fermented counterparts, kombucha.

Alongside the tasting session, we'll dive into the fascinating world of kombucha with a mini masterclass to learn about the fermentation process that transforms these traditional teas into a refreshing and healthful beverage. Our expert will guide you through the steps of brewing kombucha at home, offering tips and tricks to perfect your own creations.

This event is perfect for tea lovers, kombucha enthusiasts, and anyone curious about the art of fermentation.

What to expect

Our carefully curated selection for this evening includes:

  • Long Jing: delicate and refreshing notes of the classic green tea — both in hot steep, cold brew and fermented states
  • Yunnan Silver Needles: subtle and smooth flavors of the white tea that evolve intricately in kombucha
  • Da Hong Pao Oolong: rich, roasted essence of this legendary oolong plays magically in the fermented stated. A must try!
  • Black Chinese Tea: bold and robust character in hot steeps and surprising transformation in the kombucha version.
  • Puerh: unique, earthy complexity of this aged tea, renowned for its depth, does something undescrible to the kombucha. You have to try it, seriously. You'll be amazed.

    Also, you'll get:
  • snack and dessert pairing
  • kombucha masterclass
  • tea story time with a tea sommelier

Date & Time

Saturday, July 27


Du'sha tea house
Trimfias, 12
Tala, Paphos 

Google map coordinates
34.832156, 32.434718

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