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'What is your tea' workshop | Gift card

'What is your tea' workshop | Gift card

A gift of the tea experience

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'What is your tea' workshop & tasting

A Gift of the Tea Experience

Travel along the flavors of 20 excellent teas from all over the world that we will brew together to identify and find your own personal best. This workshop is designed for someone who wants to deepen his or her knowledge of the tea terroir, learning how to brew properly each tea category, and finally find their own favorite tea! 


  • Tea varieties
  • Chinese terroir & varieties
  • Japanese terroir & varieties
  • Indian terroir & varieties
  • Brewing science
  • Tasting methods

The gift card covers the workshop, including all necessary teaware: a gaiwan, a fair cup, and a tea cup, which the participant can take home for personal use.

The workshop takes place in Tala, Paphos. The time is arranged by the participant.


Du'sha studio
Trimfias, 12
Tala, Paphos 

Google map coordinates
34.832156, 32.434718

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